Family Day

This year’s programming at Family Day includes hands-on demos, workshops, a Food Tech Pop-Up, panel discussions, and a full day of the Student Showcase and Interactive Zone. New this year is the Food Tech Pop Up! We’re celebrating the people who are advancing and envisioning the future of food. This year’s crop of entrepreneurs have merged sustainability, whole food ingredients, advocacy, and your health. Test samples from these intrepid innovators, and see what your future might taste like. We also invite you to register for our workshop in advance, as space is limited.

Free entry on Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Food Tech Pop Up


Health Beverages | Crazy D’s Labs

Crazy D’s makes craft soda that is good for you. Functioning as a health drink, their carbonated beverage isn’t like any other soda out there. The sodas are crafted from real ingredients and do not contain any sugars or artificial sweeteners, making them a great choice for people with diabetes. As an added benefit, Crazy D’s contains prebiotic cultures. Not to be confused with kombucha, which contains probiotics, prebiotics are rich in fibre and supports the healthy production of probiotics in your gut, helping with digestion and the overall health of your body.

Alternative Proteins | Crickstart

Crickstart makes delicious organic food products with cricket powder, made from Canadian-farmed crickets that have been roasted and finely milled. Crickets are a delicious high-protein superfood, complete with all nine essential amino acids, packed with vitamin B12, key minerals, and prebiotic fibre. Cricket protein is also very sustainable, leaving a tiny fraction of the ecological footprint compared to animal proteins. Crickstart makes real food bars, gourmet crackers, and fruit smoothie mixes that incorporate cricket powder and other tasty wholesome ingredients. All Crickstart products are gluten and dairy free.

Alternative Proteins | One Hop Kitchen

One Hop Kitchen makes the world’s first and only high protein bolognese-style pasta sauces made from insect protein instead of ground beef. One Hope has turned sustainable, delicious, and nutritious insect protein into a one-of-a-kind meat sauce that delivers as much protein as beef, but saves as much as 1900 litres of water per jar. The delicious sauces are low in saturated fat, loaded in vitamin B12, and come in three varieties: Mealworm Bolognese, Cricket Bolognese, and Spicy Cricket Arrabiata.

Indoor Farming | Just Vertical

When you go to the grocery store to buy a bushel of cilantro for Taco Tuesday, that will inevitably go bad when you only use half, it is a waste of your time and money, and harmful to the environment. Just Vertical is here to make sure you never have to do that again. Their product empowers schools, restaurants, and individuals to grow over ten pounds of produce per month in three square feet using ninety-nine percent less water, no soil, no pesticides, and creates zero fertilizer run off. Their vertical hydroponic system and monthly seedling subscription gives people the satisfaction of a garden all year, saves money and time at the grocery store, and minimizes waste. When produce is growing right in your kitchen, you only pick what you need for that meal and you get the freshest produce possible, with the best taste, and zero waste.

Health Beverages | NaturalBliss Infusion

NaturalBliss is an herbal infusion with edible pieces of tropical fruit. Designed to be consumed as a beverage prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over it, each pouch has a sachet of aromatic herbs plus ten grams of real pieces of delicious tropical fruit ready to eat. Each pouch contains an exotic mix of four tropical fruits including golden berry, mango, papaya, kiwi, pineapple, apple, and strawberry. NaturalBliss is 100% natural real fruit, with no preservatives or additives. It is convenient to use at home, office, or away from home and contributes to your daily recommended fruit servings. This product originates in the equatorial country of Colombia, where a wide range of exotic fruits are harvested year round.

Sustainable Foods | Kosha Foods

Kosha Foods introduces products made with highly nutritious ‘smart food’ millets to feed the mind, body, and soul. Millets are ancient grains, sustainably grown and ethically sourced, from small scale farmers in India. They are naturally gluten-free, low glycemic, and a great source of protein, fibre, and other essential nutrients. The product line includes probiotic energy balls made with millets in two flavorus, almonds and peanuts, and baking mixes using millet flours. The company’s vision is in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in addressing poverty, hunger, good health and well-being, through their sourcing practices and the products they create.

Indoor Farming | Modgarden

Modgarden is a startup that is positioned to impact urban centres and the way we eat. The future of farming is at stake as new technology solutions hit the market but miss the mark on what is healthy over the long run. Modgarden has a critical differentiation strategy that essentially takes the fa
rm and plots it into a condo. Imagine a micro farm appliance in the comfort of your home that allows you to grow your own nutrient rich organic vegetables. Modgarden has made this possible! Plant a large universe of leafy greens, herbs, micro-greens including some root vegetables and harvest a daily fresh salad that only you touched. The affordable smart modular growing system provides insight from seed-to-fork so you know exactly what your family is eating, from the organic living soil to heirloom seeds, and straight to your fork.





Explorations In AI: Simple Devices, Complex Behaviours

Facilitated by Adriana IeraciGet Your Bot On! Robotics Commuity Saturday, April 28, 2018 10:00am – 2:00pm $30 + HST Participants will build their own simple devices using basic electronic parts and craft materials using designs based on the Braitenberg Vehicles. They will observe how these devices interact with each other and watch how their simple behaviours are combined in a complex system. The devices will be taken out to the exhibit floor and creators can observe how the public interacts with it, listening to the language used to describe the device’s behaviour and watching the audience’s body language and gestures. Every participant will have a device to take home after the workshop. Presented in collaboration with with Leonardo’s 50th Anniversary.



Let’s Talk Science!

Facilitated by Sujeevan Ratnasingham, LifeScanner Saturday, April 28, 2018 12:00pm – 1:00pm LifeScanner employs DNA Barcoding technology to identify insects, food, fur, or any tissue from animal. Find out what you’re eating, what’s in your garden, or in your home at this hands-on demo!

Walking Tour


Old Toronto Haunted Walking Tour Featuring OnFoot App

Guided by Tristan Tiggeloven, Pop Sandbox Saturday, April 28, 2018 12:00pm – 1:00pm Users will experience the OnFoot App Beta featuring five spooky location based tour stops that will feature an audio/visual interactive experience including augmented reality.




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