2018 Digifest Speakers

Lindsay Barber

Research & Development Associate

MW Canada

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Lindsay Barber coordinates Research and Development at MW Canada Ltd., a textile manufacturer in Cambridge Ontario. She uses her knowledge of materials and experience in healthcare to envision new products and pursue novel approaches to modifying fabrics.
MW Canada Ltd. is one of the few vertically integrated textile manufacturers in Canada, controlling their product from dying, to weaving, to chemical finishing. Their research initiatives involve using printed and woven solutions to integrate sensing, communication, and energy applications with their fabrics. They collaborate extensively with Universities and research groups across Canada to develop flexible approaches to conventional electronics. [/expand]

Luke Bradley

The Director of Communications

Blockchain Research Institute

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Luke Bradley is the Director of Communications at the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), a Toronto-based global think tank conducting the definitive investigation into blockchain strategies, opportunities, and implementation challenges. Before entering the world of blockchain he worked as a communications staffer for Justin Trudeau, and the Director of Communications for Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. [/expand]

Stuart Campbell

CEO & Founder


[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Stuart has spent the last 5 years working with engineers and designers building, designing, and commercializing enterprise software with a heavy emphasis on user experience and service design.
As the Founder and CEO of Passen, his job is to evangelize the future of the apparel industry through Passen’s world leading fit technology, focussing specifically on the increasing prominence of ecommerce as a revenue channel for retailers.[/expand]

Geoff Cape

CEO & Founder


[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Geoff Cape is the founder and CEO of Evergreen, and has grown the organization to become a nationally recognized leader on urban sustainability with over 160 staff and programs across Canada. Evergreen has enabled over 7,200 projects over the past twenty-seven years in communities across the country.
In 2010, he led the creation of Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, an adaptive re-use of a civic asset and a place where the world can experience sustainable practices that enable flourishing cities.
With national award-winning programs, Evergreen has become internationally known for tackling environmental and urban challenges. Three decades since its founding, Cape and a strong leadership team continue this city building vision with a portfolio of innovative initiatives. Projects include the redevelopment of the Kiln Building at Evergreen Brick Works into a dynamic year-round superhub that will ignite, accelerate, and celebrate new solutions for low-carbon cities, and The Future Cities Network, a national program that will connect government, industry, and academics on the theme of innovation and urban development in Canada.[/expand]

Joyce Chow

R&D Director

Myant Inc.

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Joyce Chow is the R&D Director of Design and Product Development for Myant Inc. With over twenty-six years in the Fashion and Retail industries, Chow has been with Myant since its inception and has been instrumental in building it into the disruptive textile computing company that it is now. The Toronto based fully vertical facility provides end-to-end innovative solutions.  The unique cross disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and designers under one roof builds a platform that integrates technology into textiles to augment the human experience.
Chow’s extensive experience in creative direction, design, and product development has garnered media attention from the Globe and Mail, the National Post and Fashion Television. Driven by design, inspired by innovation, and passionate about improving people’s lives, Chow leads her team to bridge the gap between form and function.
Myant’s award winning product have been featured on CNN, CNET, FOX, Mashable, TFO, and TOM*.[/expand]

Nina Czegledy

Artist and Curator

Nina’s website

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Nina is an artist, curator and educator who works internationally on collaborative art, science and technology projects. She has exhibited and published widely, won awards for her artwork and has initiated, researched, lead and participated in forums and symposia worldwide. On behalf of the Leonardo LASER network, Nina collaborates with Gisele Trudel, Hexagram in Montreal and Roberta Buiani, Art-Sci Salon in Toronto the LASER events. Czegledy is an Adjunct Professor, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto; Senior Fellow, KMDI, University of Toronto: Research Fellow, Semaphore Research Cluster, University of Toronto: Research Collaborator Hexagram International Network for Research Creation, Montreal: Senior Fellow, Intermedia, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest; Member of the Governing Board Leonardo/ISAST, Member of LASER Chairs; Chair Leonardo 50th Committee; Board Member AICA International Association of Art Critics Canada, Chair, Intercreate org New Zealand. [/expand]

Claudia El-moor

Brand Designer & Co-founder

Eye Design (Brazil)

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Claudia El-moor is a Brazilian Graphic Designer and Co-founder of Eye Design – located in Brasilia, the modernist planned capital of Brazil. Her branding boutique helps entrepreneurs reach and keep their ideal customers using communication design as a strategic tool. El-moor is passionate about communication, marketing, and design thinking, using her problem-solving skills to bring out the best of each business to the market.
El-moor studied Graphic Design in Brazil and Italy, and is a Design Management alumni from George Brown College’s School of Design. She is the creator of the 2017 Brazilian Graphic Design Biennale identity and an active member of the regional and national design associations, Adegraf and Associação dos Designers Gráficos Brasil.[/expand]


Graphic Designer (France)

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Guillaumit is an illustrator, and graphic and motion designer. His work combines geometric forms, rigid colour schemes, and funny cartoons characters. He seeks to build a universe that is both lucid and meaningful. His work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Tokyo, and Berlin. Guillaumit also collaborates with on Gangpol & Mit, a music and graphic duet who create a peculiar world of deviant cartoons inhabited by noisy and geometrical creatures. Their collaborations have been featured at several live shows in Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and South Africa.[/expand]

Rick Huijbregts

Vice-President, Strategy & Innovation

George Brown College

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]As Vice-President, Strategy & Innovation at George Brown College, Huijbregts oversees strategic planning and partnership development to ensure the school remains well positioned to evolve and adapt for the digital and rapidly changing future. He strives to advance community and industry innovation while providing students with relevant and hands-on learning opportunities through applied research and entrepreneurship.
Huijbregts is also a frequent speaker and thought leader in matters of innovation, digital transformation, Smart Cities, and serves on various Smart City advisory boards such as Toronto, Markham, and Vaughan. Rick is also a faculty at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design Executive Education where he focuses on Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Digital Transformation.

Matt Humphreys

Chief Experience Officer


[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Humphreys is a leader, a teacher, and an entertainer. As Chief Experience Officer at Diff, he knows a thing or two about User Experience (UX), and is passionate about sharing his knowledge. Humphries has taught UX at Seneca and is currently a faculty member in the School of Design at George Brown College. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also a prolific singer, musician, and voice over artist.

Adriana Ieraci


Get Your Bot On!

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Adriana Ieraci is a technology design translator. Her passion for technological literacy and open innovation inspired her to start the Get Your Bot On! Robotics Community. Her work explores the application of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and the design patterns and business models they enable.
Ieraci is a design and technology entrepreneurship lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Information at University of Toronto. She has led multiple institutions in research strategy and business development. She is the founder of Conveyor Built, an innovation skills training and development firm, and a board member of the Parametric Human Project. [/expand]

Nyla Innuksuk


Mixtape VR

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Nyla Innuksuk is a producer of film and virtual reality content. She is the Founder of Mixtape VR, a production company producing virtual and augmented reality content. She wrote and produced Kajutaijuq: The Spirit That Comes, a short film retelling an Inuit myth that navigates isolation in the Arctic Tundra. Her film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was honoured in TIFF’s picks for Canada’s Top Ten Shorts Programme in 2014.
Innuksuk’s work has been widely celebrated and noted for her ability to use VR as a tool to break free from stereotypes, including a feature by Vice Motherboard in 2015. She has worked with artists including Glenn Gould, Kent Monkman, Tanya Tagaq, and A Tribe Called Red. Innuksuk is imagineNATIVE’s AR/VR Artist in Residence, consults regularly for Marvel Comics, and is a a member of the board of directors of the Glenn Gould Foundation. She was recently selected by Google to be included in their exclusive Google Jump program for new media storytellers.[/expand]

Ryan Janzen

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Janzen is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of TransPod, designing a next generation of ultra-high-speed aerospace vehicles, to move passengers and cargo between cities at over 1000 kilometres per hour.
Janzen’s innovations have been featured in over 110 international lectures, media interviews, and scientific publications, including the Discovery Channel, Wired magazine, and Through the Wormhole. His work has led to entirely new fields of research, including extramissive optics, veillance flux, swarm modulation, and the world’s first aircraft Power Line Communication (PLC) research. His innovations have led to advances in acoustics, aerospace electronics, mathematics, and vehicle propulsion.

Paula Kwan

Director, Civic Innovation Office

City of Toronto

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Paula Kwan brings a deep and broad set of experience from the startup and tech industry with a focus on building ambitious projects, teams and departments from zero-to-one, delivering results in a lean and agile way, and ensuring those solutions and improvements are scalable. Eager to make an impact in her own community, Paula is excited to leverage her experience, passion, and network within the tech sector to help take the City of Toronto to the next level of this innovation movement.[/expand]

Olivier Le Gal


Collectif MU

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Olivier Le Gal is the Founder, Producer, and Artistic Coordinator at Collectif MU in Paris, France. Collectif MU develops programming and production activities within the field of sound art, music, and new media. He joined Le Fresnoy in 2003, the national studio of contemporary arts, where he would meet his colleagues with whom he would build Collectif MU. In 2006, Le Gal went on to found REMU, an organization that produces research and development programs and technical support for artistic projects. In 2016, he coordinated La Station – Gare des Mines, a place dedicated to the emerging art scene and a sound art laboratory. He has worked as a production manager for documentary films and short movies since 1996.

Andrew Lundy

Vice-President, Digital

The Canadian Press

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Lundy brings more than twenty-five years of experience as a reporter, editor, manager, and leader in both conventional and digital journalism. He is currently Vice-President of Digital at The Canadian Press, where he oversees the news service’s digital efforts in both product and content on all platforms. His digital career includes leadership positions at Global News, MSN Canada, the CBC, and spent eight years as a newspaper reporter with the St. Catharines Standard and Financial Post.
He studied graduate journalism at the University of Western Ontario, where he received his political science degree, and is currently the Chair of Sheridan College’s Professional Advisory Committee for journalism.[/expand]

Giorgia Lupi

Information Designer & Co-Founder

Accurat (Italy/USA)

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]Giorgia Lupi is an award-winning information designer and a cofounder of Accurat, a data-driven design firm based in Milan and New York. Lupi sees beauty in data. With her practice, she challenges the impersonality that data communicates, designing engaging visual narratives that re-connect numbers to what they stand for: stories, people, and ideas. She is co-author of Dear Data, an aspirational hand drawn data visualization book you can find in bookstores across the USA and UK. In 2017, Lupi was commissioned to create an original site-specific art piece by the Museum of Modern Art, where her work is part of the permanent collection.
Lupi lives in New York City, has a Masters in Architecture at FAF in Ferrara, Italy, earned a PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano, and recently gave a TED Talk on her Humanistic approach to Data.[/expand]

Jason Maghanoy

Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

NOW Magazine

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]Jason Maghanoy is the Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at NOW Magazine, leading a digital transformation of one of the most respected media companies in Canada. Prior to NOW, he was the Senior Development Officer, Corporate Partnerships at Canadian Stage, the Manager of Community Investment at Toronto Arts Foundation, and the Sponsorship and Advertising Coordinator at the Toronto International Film Festival. He is a graduate of McGill University and the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting Program.

In addition to his work in corporate partnership development and community engagement, Jason is considered one of the brightest emerging leaders in the City of Toronto. He is a mentor at Ryerson’s Social Ventures Zone, a member of CivicAction’s Mental Health in the Workplace Champions Council, the Chair of the ArtReach Toronto Steering Committee, and a member of the Work In Culture Inclusive Leadership Advisory Committee and Board of Directors. He was also a member of the NXT City Advisory Board, and an artsVest corporate sponsorship mentor for Business for the Arts.[/expand]

Asmaa Malik

Graduate Program Director

Ryerson School of Journalism

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]Malik is the graduate program director at the Ryerson School of Journalism, where she teaches entrepreneurship and digital journalism skills. A former editor at the Montreal Gazette and Toronto Star, her research interests lie at the intersection of race and digital media. Her work has appeared in several publications including the Washington Post, The Walrus magazine and the Toronto Star.[/expand]

Alex Mayhew

Artist & Co-Founder

Impossible Things Inc.

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]For two decades, Mayhew has worked across multiple platforms using cutting edge digital media to create iconic, engaging, and effective projects that significantly enhance his client’s brand identity.  Alongside Ian Kelso, Mayhew co-founded a mixed reality company called Impossible Things. Their first project, Reblink, an augmented reality show that refreshes and re-imagines the traditional gallery viewing experience, was launched in 2017 at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
As a concept designer, developer, producer, and team leader, Mayhew has established himself as an internationally-renowned creator of highly innovative and emotionally compelling experiences working with clients including Peter Gabriel, Xenophile Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.[/expand]

Dana McCauley

Associate Director, New Venture Creation

University of Guelph

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]McCauley has a nose for the new, and throughout her career she has combined her interest in food with keen insights on global food trends. McCauley was a judge for seasons one and two of reality TV show Recipe to Riches. She is also the author of four cookbooks, all published by top tier publishers, which have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. In 2017, she was recognized as a Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winner, in the trendsetter and trailblazers category. She is currently the Associate Director of New Venture Creation at the University of Guelph.[/expand]

Angela Misri

Digital Director

The Walrus Magazine

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]Angela Misri is an award-winning digital journalist who spent fourteen years at the CBC creating podcasts, websites, and radio shows. She is currently the Digital Director at The Walrus and teaches Journalism at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Misri also writes the Portia Adams Adventures, a detective series featuring a nineteen-year-old Canadian woman in 1930s London. [/expand]

Jonathan Moneta

Creative Director


[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Jonathan Moneta is the Creative Director at MakeLab, a studio of designers, technologists, and logistics professionals who create and facilitate pop-up and hands-on interactivities for events. MakeLab started three years ago when they took eight 3D printers to a Toronto bar and taught design until last call. Since then, they have taken their laser cutters, light tables, and edible photo booths out of the lab, inventing new ways to spark wonder and creativity in unexpected places. Makelab has been engaging people through teaching innovative design from small to large events around the world. Some of their clients include, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Fashion Week, and the Toronto International Film Festival.[/expand]

Idris Mootee

CEO & Co-Founder

Idea Couture

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]Idris Mootee is a master design thinker who has been described as “the ultimate foresight machine.” He is the Chief Executive Officer of Idea Couture, a global innovation firm that serves Fortune 500s, which he co-founded in 2007. Mootee leads the firm’s focus on the future of artificial intelligence and the role business leadership can play in creating long-term social and economic value. Idea Couture’s global client list gives Mootee a front-row seat to the high-velocity change that is occurring as disruption comes to take hold in every industry and at every organization.
Mootee is the co-founder and chairman of the Institute for Human Futures. He has also developed and taught a program on design thinking at Harvard, has written countless articles, and is the author of four books that explore design thinking and strategic innovation. His most recent title includes “Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation,” which was translated into multiple languages and is used as core material in graduate programs at Parsons and Harvard.[/expand]

Marilyn McNeil Morin

Director, Fashion Exchange

George Brown College

[expand title=”Learn More” Tripos=”below”]McNeil-Morin is Chair of the School of Fashion Studies at George Brown College. Working alongside industry partners, faculty, community, and college departments, McNeil-Morin was instrumental in guiding the vision and opening of Fashion Exchange. Presently seconded as Director of Fashion Exchange, McNeil-Morin continues to integrate her academic background with many years of professional experience in business, post-secondary education, and design. She holds a BSc in Clothing and Textiles from the University of Alberta, and a MBA from Queen’s University. Previous experiences includes faculty member, entrepreneur, sales and operations management, retail, and biotechnology and financial services sectors.

Sujeevan Ratnasingham



[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Sujeevan Ratnasinghamis the founder of LifeScanner, a conservation technology initiative that provides DNA based species identification tools to citizen scientists, schools, public watchdogs, and conservation agencies. LifeScanner’s mission is to effect change in the way people perceive biodiversity, increase the appreciation of living things in the environment, and amplify the human-environment interaction.
Ratnasinghamis is also the Informatics Director at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, a research institute focused on understanding the condition and dynamics of biodiversity in wild and human-developed environments using genomics. He is a software systems architect and globally recognized scientist in the field of biodiversity informatics.[/expand]

Tina Sauerländer

Curator, Writer & Co-Founder

Radiance (Germany)

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Tina Sauerländer is a curator and writer based in Berlin. She focuses on the impact of the digital and the internet on individual environments and society. With her exhibition hub, Peer to Space, she has been organizing international group shows, like The Unframed World, and Virtual Reality as an Artistic Medium for the 21st Century at HeK Basel in 2017. She is Co-Founder of Radiance, an online platform for artistic VR experiences. She is a PhD candidate at The University of Art and Design Linz, in Austria, and a board member of the media arts society in Berlin.[/expand]

Mayor Frank Scarpitti

City of Markham

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Having been successfully elected by residents in 2006, 2010, and 2014, Frank Scarpitti has been the Mayor of Markham for over a decade. Mayor Scarpitti was first elected to Markham Council in 1985, as a Regional Councillor. In total, the people of Markham have elected him nine times.  He has served on both the Councils of the City of Markham and York Region for 29 years.
Mayor Scarpitti led Markham’s initiative to secure the Markham Pan Am Centre and was Co-Chair of the Markham Pan-Am Host Advisory Committee. He is a strong advocate of internet voting and pioneered internet voting in the municipal elections of 2003 that has been used in all subsequent elections. He also serves on York Regional Council and is the current Chair of York Region Rapid Transit Corporation (VIVA Transit).[/expand]

Mackay Taggart

News Director

Global News

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Taggart has been the News Director for Global News in Toronto since July of 2015. Each day he and his team curate the best stories from the GTA and southern Ontario and share them with television, online, and radio audiences throughout the region. Global News is a leader in delivering innovative and informative digital content that reflects the community it serves.[/expand]

Ye Tao

Principal Research Officer

National Research Council of Canada

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Ye Tao is a Principal Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and the leader of the Organic Materials and Devices group at NRC’s Advanced Electronics and Photonics Research Centre. His research interest has been in the areas of organic semi-conductor materials and devices, currently focusing on printable, flexible, wearable electronics, sensors, and electricity generators.
Tao has published over 150 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, and holds over twenty US and international patents.[/expand]

Patrick Tobin

Director, Arts & Culture

City of Toronto

[expand title=”Learn More” trigpos=”below”]Patrick Tobin is the Director, Arts and Culture for Economic Development and Culture Division at the City of Toronto. He has an accomplished track record of executive management in culture, civic engagement, and economic development. For the majority of his federal career, Tobin worked for the Department of Canadian Heritage, both as the Ontario Director of Policy and Communications in Toronto and Head of Regional Operations in Western Canada. In both these roles, Tobin’s tenure was marked by strong results delivered in close collaboration between government and community partners.[/expand]

Erandy Vergara

Artistic Director

Eastern Bloc (Montreal/Mexico)

[expand title=”Learn More” trigpos=”below”]Erandy Vergara curates, investigates, reads, and writes about contemporary and media art. She earned a MA at Concordia University and a PhD in Art History at McGill University. She has curated and produced exhibitions in diverse institutions ranging from media art museums, like the Laboratorio Arte in Mexico, to alternative spaces, like the Manchester Digital Laboratory in the UK. She is currently the artistic director at Eastern Bloc in Montreal and was previously Programming Coordinator at Studio XX.[/expand]

Linda Vlassenrood


Het Nieuwe Instituut

[expand title=”Learn More” tripos=”below”]Linda Vlassenrood is the program director at the International New Town Institute (INTI) overseeing a multiyear research and exchange program in Shenzhen, China. The program acts as a catalyst for the exchange of knowledge between international students, researchers, design professionals, developers, policymakers and politicians by initiating research, conferences, exhibitions, design workshops and publications.
Vlassenrood is also an independent curator, writer and consultant on architecture, urban planning and design, and Program Manager at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam where she curated a multi-year cultural program with the City of Eindhoven on its ambition to be a smart city in a participatory society. At the Netherlands Architecture Institute, where she served as Chief Curator, she curated exhibitions on landscape and urban planning such as Hybrid Landscapes, the Dutch contribution to the International Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2004.[/expand]

Linda Volkers

Marketing Manager

Rijksmuseum (Netherlands)

[expand title=”Learn More” trigpos=”below”]Linda  Volkers is the Marketing Manager at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. She is responsible for digital marketing and oversees the marketing for Rijksstudio and its accompanying app, the Rijksmuseum’s digitized asset collection, and Rijksstudio Award, an international design competition. The Rijksmuseum has received multiple awards for its innovative digital and social activities. Before joining the Rijksmuseum, Linda held several management positions at digital agency Jungle Minds and worked in the financial sector.[/expand]

Norman White


[expand title=”Learn More” trigpos=”below”]Norman White is a new media artist and a pioneer in the use of electronic technology and robotics in art. He started his career as a painter, but in the late 1960’s he began experimenting with electronics. His electrical art machines explore the often unpredictable behaviour of dynamic systems, especially that of living organisms.
White has exhibited his artwork throughout North America and Europe. His works can be found in public collections, including those of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Canadian Art Bank, and the National Gallery of Canada. From 1978 to 2016, he taught electronics, concept development, and computer programming at both OCAD U and Ryerson University.[/expand]

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